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Welcome to the Craft Beer Radio coverage of SAVOR 2016. This page lists all of the Salons that we recorded at the event. You can listen to the individual shows by clicking on the links, or you can Subscribe to the SAVOR Podcast Feed using iTunes (Subscribe) or some other podcast aggregator (Subscribe) to download all the content easily. Note to regular listeners: all of the SAVOR content will be posted in the Craft Beer Radio Podcast Feed along with the SAVOR only feed.

SAVOR Auditorium and PC Suite Salons

SAVOR Auditorium and PC Suite Salons

Nitro Beers with Sam Adams founder Jim Koch

Presenter: Jim Koch, Boston Beer

Join Samuel Adams founder and brewer Jim Koch as he discusses the Sam Adams Nitro Project. Attendees will have the chance to learn about the science behind nitrogenated beers (and the widget in cans) and sample three distinct beers: a coffee stout, an IPA, and an experimental brew from the Boston Brewery.

All Things Trappist

Presenters: Father Isaac Keeley, The Spencer Brewery; Ron Carlson, The Spencer Brewery; Mary Jo Finkenstaedt, Trappistine Quality Candy

Join Father Isaac Keeley of The Spencer Brewery for an insider’s look into America’s only Trappist brewery. Learn how St. Joseph’s Abbey has brought centuries-old monastery brewing to today’s world. Sample some of their special release beers, each divinely paired with a Trappist food item.

Presenters: Mark Osborne, Adroit Theory Brewing Co.; Greg Skotzko, Adroit Theory Brewing Co.

Virginia’s Adroit Theory Brewing Company focuses on esoteric ales in very small batches. They rely on non-traditional brewing methods and barrel aging to achieve liquid perfection. Taste some of their creations, each artfully paired with a unique cheese.

Allagash & Deschutes: Beers Inspired from Local Terroir

Presenters: Rob Tod, Allagash Brewing Co.; Gary Fish, Deschutes Brewery; Jason Perkins, Allagash Brewing Co.; Veronica Vega, Deschutes Brewery; and Robin Johnson, Deschutes Brewery

Join Allagash and Deschutes for an intimate session to introduce the special, one-time-only SAVOR symposium collaboration beer, showcasing local ingredients from both regions. They will discuss sustainable agriculture practices and pour additional specialty beers that speak to their respective local terroir.

A Journey through 30 Years of Craft Beer

Presenters: Pat Conway, Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Join brewery owner and co-founder Patrick Conway as he provides a retrospective of craft beer over the last 30 years through story and beer. Drink along as they relive the early days of craft beer, talk about changing consumer tastes, and discuss what it takes to keep up in today’s current market. Sample the beers that put them on the map, special releases that don’t see the light of day outside of their Cleveland pub, and a brand new release.

A Confluence of Visual and Liquid Art

Presenters: Brian Nelson, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery will expand your perception of how artistic expression speaks through culinary and visual mediums. In meaningful juxtaposition, brewers and visual artists shape an interesting craft beer world. They will bring you stories that define brewery projects highlighting the artistic synergy craft beer brings to humanity. Taste the beers and view the artwork that inspires brewers and fans alike.

Indigenous American Beers – Past & Present

Presenters: Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery; Stan Hieronymus

What did the first beers brewed in America taste like? Join Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and “Brewing Local”author Stan Hieronymus as they provide insight into the beers Native Americans had been making for hundreds of years before Columbus arrived. Sample beers recreated from ancient recipes—once you try all three, Stan and Sam are sure you will agree that militant beer laws like the “Reinheitsgebot”and pants are equally cumbersome and unnecessary. They invite you to wear a loincloth or one of those sweet brewer’s kilts to this seminar in a show of solidarity.

20 Years with Coronado & Stone

Presenters: Representatives of Coronado Brewing Company and Stone Brewing

Coronado Brewing Company and Stone Brewing are both celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2016, and have teamed up to brew a 20th anniversary small-batch collaboration beer to release at the SAVOR Tasting Salon. The panel will revisit the history of San Diego’s beer scene and discuss how it has influenced craft beer globally.

Coopers Dance: Wood and Beer

Presenters: Peter Bouckaert, New Belgium Brewing; Dick Cantwell

Barrels, the ultimate container from the past, have made a comeback in brewing. Many brewers prefer used barrels to deemphasize the wood flavor and explore flavors from previous fillings. Maintenance of used barrels is a beautiful art that brewers are having to relearn. The simple yet complex nature of this skill will be demonstrated by Peter Bouckaert and Dick Cantwell, authors of the new book “Wood & Beer”published by Brewers Publications. Attendees will also sample wood-aged beers from New Belgium Brewing Company.

Pairings with The Red Hen & Country Boy Brewing

Presenters: Jared Barker, The Red Hen; Daniel Harrison, Country Boy Brewing

Join Kentucky’s Country Boy Brewing founder Daniel Harrison as he teams up with Mike Friedman of DC restaurant The Red Hen to offer attendees a look at regionally inspired craft beers and food pairings.

Hop State New York

Presenters: New York hop farmers; Eric Van Schoick, Brewery Ommegang; officials from the Cornell Cooperative Program

Brewery Ommegang is helping to reenergize the New York State hop farming industry. By partnering with local farmers, Ommegang developed Hopstate NY, an American pale ale using only state-grown hops. Ommegang brewer Eric Van Schoick discusses the collaboration with hop farmers and Cornell College to craft beers with hops from the brewery’s own back yard. Attendees will sample Hopstate NY and Fleur de Houblon.

Fruit Beers vs. Fruit Flavored Beers

Presenters: Dan Kopman, Schlafly Beer; Brian Nelson, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

A fruit beer is defined as a beer fermented with fruit. A fruit-flavored beer has been flavored after fermentation with a fruit concentrate or extract. One is not better than the other; they are simply different. In this salon, Schlafly Beer and Hardywood Park Craft Brewery will share examples of both and provide suggested food pairings.

Developing the SAVOR Menu

Presenters: Adam Dulye, Brewers Association; Steve Wildy, Vetri Family; Kyle Mendenhall; Steve Bradt of Free State Brewing Company

Ever wondered what goes into creating the SAVOR menu and trying to pair food with 176 different beers? Here’s your chance to find out from the chefs behind SAVOR: An American Craft Beer and Food Experience. Brewers Association executive chef Adam Dulye, Steve Bradt of Free State Brewing Company, Chef Kyle Mendenhall, and Steve Wildy of the Vetri Family provide insight into the trials and tribulations of crafting the SAVOR menu. Taste some of the pairings offered at this year’s event and hear the stories behind their creation.

Foeder Beer: A Search for Delicious

Presenters: Phil Wymore, Perennial Artisan Ales; Nathan Zeender, Right Proper Brewing Co.; Tim Lake, Right Proper Brewing Co.

Perennial Artisan Ales of St. Louis and Right Proper Brewing Co. of Washington, DC both use large oak foeders as a conduit for the expression of their house mixed-fermentation cultures. The goal is characterful beers with layers of complexity and charm. For the vast majority of the human endeavor of fermentation, wood vessels were the medium—these current-day foeder beers are really more revivalist than innovative. Taste the results of their experimentation with four unique beers.

Beer as Dessert

Presenters: Ilan Klages-Mundt, Insight Brewing; Mark Reith, Atwater Brewery; Dan Sartin, Big Storm Brewery

Decadent. Velvety. Rich. These are words often used to describe some of our favorite desserts. But these are also some of the terms you’ll think of when tasting four unique beers that may remind you more of a dessert than a beer. Join Atwater Brewery, Big Storm Brewing Company and Insight Brewing Company as they present beers sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Craft Beer & Girl Scout Cookies

Presenters: Bill Sysak, Stone Brewing

Join Stone Brewing craft beer ambassador and Certified Cicerone® Bill Sysak as he discusses Master Pairings concepts and his belief that craft beer can pair with any food in the world, even Girl Scout cookies! Bill will offer ideas to create your own pairings, whether it’s a classic beer dinner, beer and cheese, beer and chocolate, or simply pairing a bag of pork rinds. He will also explore the versatility of craft beer when it comes to pairings other than food, such as whiskey and cigars.

Getting Bigger but Keeping it Small

Presenters: Juice Drapeau and Tim Matthews, Oskar Blues Brewery

Oskar Blues Brewery was the first brewer to put craft beer in a can and has continued to grow exponentially since. While it has added a brewery in North Carolina and has one in the works in Texas, Oskar Blues has never forgotten its roots and the place that started it all. Oskar Blues Grill & Brew is the original OB location and now focuses on brewing specialty and collaboration beers. Come taste some of their latest releases and hear how a growing brewery can still manage to keep that small-town feel.

Flying Dog Brings the HEAT: An intimate look at how hot peppers are spicing up craft beer

Presenters: Matt Brophy, Flying Dog Brewery; Ed Currie, PuckerButt Pepper Company; Thom Toth, Voodoo Chile Sauces

Flying Dog brewmaster Matt Brophy is a hothead. He’s always been fascinated by the distinct types of heat that individual peppers impart on food. Naturally, that fascination (and now expertise) found its way into beer. Flying Dog has two heat-centric projects in the works for 2016. Matt will walk through the recipe development process and what ingredients their brewers look for to balance each pepper. He’ll answer questions such as, “Why is the process different with a mild pepper vs. an intense pepper?” and “What constitutes true balance and the ideal flavor outcome?” Matt will be joined by Ed Currie, CEO and mad scientist behind PuckerButt Pepper Company, and Thom Toth, founder, president, and chief sauceologist at Voodoo Chile Sauces, who will speak to the dynamics of peppers, spice, and the relative scale of heat.

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