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Welcome to the Craft Beer Radio coverage of SAVOR 2015. This page lists all of the Salons that we recorded at the event. You can listen to the individual shows by clicking on the links, or you can Subscribe to the SAVOR Podcast Feed using iTunes (Subscribe) or some other podcast aggregator (Subscribe) to download all the content easily. Note to regular listeners: all of the SAVOR content will be posted in the Craft Beer Radio Podcast Feed along with the SAVOR only feed.

SAVOR Auditorium and PC Suite Salons

SAVOR Auditorium and PC Suite Salons

Cooking with Hops

Presenters: Douglas Miller, Culinary Institute of America; Chuck Bassford, Brooklyn Brewery

Throughout history, people have been cooking with hops. One of the greatest chefs ever, Auguste Escoffier, writes about using hops shoots as a vegetable. The bitterness of the hops can balance out the sweetness or fat in a dish. In addition to adding bitterness, hops can afford an herbaceous or spicy note. Professor Douglass Miller from the Culinary Institute of America and Chuck Bassford of Brooklyn Brewery will do a tasting of sweet and savory food dishes that utilize hops. The dishes will be paired with a variety of beers from Brooklyn Brewery.

A History of Wood Aged Beer

Presenter: Peter Bouckaert, New Belgium Brewing Company

Join New Belgium brewmaster Peter Bouckaert—co-author of a 2016 Brewers Publications title on wood- and barrel-aged beers—in exploring the intimate role wood has played in the history of beer. Peter will discuss the incredible flavors and attributes that wood can impart on beer, dive into various historical wood aging techniques and explain why wood remains an exciting ingredient today. He will be showcasing beers that each display the results of a different wood aging technique.

Sour Families: A Tasting of Sour Beers Aged in Different Spirits Barrels

Presenter: Jason Perkins, Allagash Brewing Company

Allagash brewmaster Jason Perkins will guide tasters through an exploration of how residual spirits in barrels can impart a variety of different flavors in similar sour base beers. Jason will showcase extremely small production beers with limited availability, a few of which have not yet been sold commercially.

Boston Beer Presents: Beer vs. Red

Presenters: Jim Koch and Jennifer Glanville, Boston Beer Company

Join Samuel Adams founder and brewer Jim Koch and brewer Jennifer Glanville as they discuss the parallels and differences between red wine and beer when paired with food. More and more, drinkers are appreciating craft beer in the same way they would a fine wine (e.g., smelling, tasting and attending to proper pouring) and are using full-flavored beers as an alternative to red wine in cooking and food pairings. Jim and Jennifer will address how beer and red wine interplay with grilled steak, dark chocolate and cheese and demonstrate how craft beer is the perfect complement to a wide range of food.

Farm to Bottle: We Grow Beer

Presenter: Ron Lindenbusch – Lagunitas Brewing Company

No farm, no beer. The incredible growth of craft brewing in the U.S. and around the world has led to explosive demand for new hop varieties as well as high quality malted barley. Learn about the importance of relationships with farmers and the specialty suppliers that provide craft brewers access to the ingredients necessary to make the beers we all want to drink. Get an in-depth look at the most sought-after hops and malt and sample a variety of Lagunitas beers to taste the differences resulting from the raw materials.

Hops for Heroes: 10 Breweries, 1 Cause

Presenters: Chris Ray, Center of the Universe Brewing Co.; Wayne Wambles, Cigar City Brewing; Matt Lincecolm, Fremont Brewing; Garrett Marrero, Maui Brewing Company

Hops for Heroes was created in 2011 by craft breweries that wanted to team up and support our men and women of the armed forces. The result is Homefront IPA, a beer aged on Louisville Slugger maple bats, proceeds from the sales of which go to a military charity each year. This year, 10 craft breweries are participating in Hops for Heroes, including Center of the Universe Brewing Co., Cigar City Brewing, Fremont Brewing and Maui Brewing Company who will be at SAVOR to discuss the Hops for Heroes project and the importance of craft brewery collaborations for charity, and to sample various versions of the beer.

Best of Beer & BBQ

Presenters: 4 Hands Brewing Co.; Boulevard Brewing Company; Country Boy Brewing; Hops & Grain Brewing; Maui Brewing Company

A panel of brewers from areas with rich barbecue cultures discuss what makes their BBQ unique. From traditional regions like Kansas City, St. Louis and Austin to lesser-known areas such as Hawaii and Kentucky, the brewers will make their case for whose is the best. Each brewer will pair one of their beers with BBQ from a restaurant in their home region.

A Collaboration of Barrel-Aged Wild and Sour Ales

Presenters: Caleb Staton, Upland Brewing Company; Brandon Jones, Yazoo Brewing Company

Upland Brewing Company and Yazoo Brewing Company discuss their barrel-aged wild yeast and sour ale programs. Both breweries will present one of their wild/sour beers paired with a regional food dish, as well as reveal a collaboration beer blended from beers produced at the separate breweries. The breweries will provide an exploration into the sour beer brewing process and sours’ unique flavor characteristics.

IPAs Across the Country

Presenters: Steven Pauwels, Boulevard Brewing Company; Rick Champan, Coronado Brewing Company; Matt Brophy, Flying Dog Ales

Hoppy beer lovers always enjoy a good comparison and exploration of differences between coastal IPAs. But now that many “Mid-Coast” breweries are fully immersed in the beer style as well, how has the category evolved? Join brewmasters from Coronado Brewing Company, Boulevard Brewing Company and Flying Dog Brewery as they dissect the most popular beer style in the U.S., while enjoying their favorite charcuterie and cheese pairing with their own brewery’s IPA selection.

Pairing Craft Beer with American Food: The Growth Years

Presenters: Jonathan A. Zearfoss, Culinary Institute of America; Steve Grossman, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Auditorium

This Salon will explore 25 years of pairing craft beer with American foods, focusing on the period of great growth in American cuisine between 1990-2000, and the role that culinary education played in that development. Principles of pairing, the process of flavor discovery and cooking with beer will be discussed.

Cold Gold: Award-Winning Lager Beer

Presenters: Ben Bailey, Troegs Brewing Company; Jason Oliver, Devils Backbone Brewing Company

Lagers are the most-consumed style of beer in the world. Today’s craft brewers are putting their own spin on the classic style and creating intensely flavorful lager beers. Virginia’s Devils Backbone Brewing Company and Pennsylvania’s Troegs Brewing Company showcase their gold medal winning lagers and describe the lagering process.

Urban Creole vs. Rural Cajun: Comparing Traditions through Beer

Presenters: Karlos Knott, Bayou Teche Brewing; Kirk Coco, NOLA Brewing Company

Bayou Teche Brewing and NOLA Brewing Company present an inside look at Louisiana’s Creole and Cajun cultures. The two breweries will share stories and traditions through regional foods and beers, explaining the differences between the two. Each brewery will present special release beers that are only available in their home regions.

Grain and Grape Fermentations

Presenters: Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery; Dan Kopman, Schlafly Beer

Grapes and grains have been combined in fermented beverages since the dawn of the civilization. In fact the oldest known (based on botanical evidence) fermented beverage in the world was discovered in the Jiahu province and contained sake yeast, sake rice, honey and white grapes. American craft breweries have revived the traditions of combining these ingredients to create intensely flavorful and complex beers. Join Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Schlafly Beer as they discuss beer and wine hybrids and each present two of these beers from their arsenal.

The Evolution of Style: Vintage Tastings with Rogue & New Holland

Presenters: Adam Lambert, New Holland Brewing Company & Brett Joyce, Rogue Ales

Some beer just keeps getting better with age. Join us for an intimate sampling of more than three decades of vintage brews from Rogue Ales and New Holland Brewing Company. Both breweries will showcase some of their favorite products and share insight into the aging process.

SAVOR Collaboration Beer

Presenters: Heavy Seas Beer; Yards Brewing Company

This year’s SAVOR commemorative beer comes from a collaboration between Baltimore’s Heavy Seas Beer and Philadelphia’s Yards Brewing Company. Both breweries have strong ties to British brewing traditions, traditions that are reflected in their Philtimore Collaboration Ale, which also features an American twist to the beer. Hear the story behind the beer, taste it before anyone else and try additional beers from each brewery.

Beer Dinner Epiphanies

Presenters: Julia Herz, Brewers Association; Jeremy Cowan, Shmaltz Brewing Company; Doug Constantiner, Societe Brewing Company

There’s more to putting on a successful beer dinner than meets the eye. Complement your SAVOR experience by attending a mini beer dinner hosted by Julia Herz, craft beer program director of the Brewers Association and co-author of the Beer & Food Course, Jeremy Cowan, founder of Schmaltz Brewing Company, and Doug Constantiner, brewer for Societe Brewing Company. Learn how to plan beer dinners, how to approach a test tasting, how to pick a theme, how to incorporate beer ingredients into your meal, and gain a better understanding of pairing practices, all while working through a three course mini-meal that is sure to impress and inspire.

Ninkasi Space Program: The Mission to Make Space Beer

Presenters: Jamie Floyd, Ninkasi Brewing Company

Eugene, Oregon’s Ninkasi Brewing Company has boldly gone where no brewery has gone before. They launched yeast into space hoping it would survive the g-force leaving Earth’s atmosphere, the cold weightlessness of space and the hot and hard re-entry to Earth—all in the name of science (that is, making beer with it). Learn about the trials and tribulations of the Ninkasi Space Program and taste the resulting out-of-this-world beer, Ground Control Imperial Stout, along with other offerings.

Little Breweries with Big Flavors

Presenters: 4 Hands Brewing Co., FATE Brewing Company; MobCraft Beer; Right Proper Brewing Company

While you may or may not have heard of 4 Hands Brewing Co., FATE Brewing Company, MobCraft Beer or Right Proper Brewing Company, that doesn’t mean they aren’t crafting quality beers full of flavor. Learn about each of these up-and-coming breweries and their unique station within the brewing community. Sample a limited release offering from each as you discover some new favorite breweries.

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