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Welcome to the Craft Beer Radio coverage of SAVOR 2014. This page lists all of the Salons that we recorded at the event. You can listen to the individual shows by clicking on the links, or you can Subscribe to the SAVOR Podcast Feed using iTunes (Subscribe) or some other podcast aggregator (Subscribe) to download all the content easily. Note to regular listeners: all of the SAVOR content will be posted in the Craft Beer Radio Podcast Feed along with the SAVOR only feed.

SAVOR Educational and Private Tasting Salons

  • Barrel Aging with Jim Koch
  • Bottle Conditioning 101
  • West Coast IPAs & San Diego Craft Culture
  • Taste Off: Wild, Wild Yeast
  • Dessert From the Barrel
  • Pushing the Boundary with Barrel Aged Beers
  • Master Pairing Craft beers & Artisanal Doughnuts
  • IPA Nation: How Breweries are Helping Beer Drinkers Navigate a Sea of IPAs
  • Saisons: Running the Gamut
  • SAVOR Collaboration Beer
  • Hop Trials
  • Beer & Wine Hybrids
  • The Glassware Impact with Left Hand & Dogfish Head
  • Celebrating 25 Years in the Craft Brewing World
  • Cold Fusion: The Creative Process of Collaborative Craft Brewing
  • The Art of Pairing Craft Beer and Jerky
  • Revolution Brewing: The Best of Barrel-Aged
  • Best of Bourbon Country

  • SAVOR Educational and Private Tasting Salons

    Barrel Aging with Jim Koch

    Join Samuel Adams founder and brewmaster Jim Koch as he discuss the Boston Beer barrel room collection of beers. Learn about their barrel aging program and taste offerings from the series, including the 1993 edition of Triple Bock.

    Bottle Conditioning 101

    Conditioning a beer in the bottle and letting it come of age before it reaches the consumers’ lips is an art form. Allagash Brewing, Brooklyn Brewery, Boulevard Brewing Company and Sly Fox Brewing Company have perfected the art and will discuss the process, benefits and differences in bottle conditioned beers. Each brewery will present one of their bottle conditioned beers for attendees to taste and gain a better understanding of the process.

    West Coast IPAs & San Diego Craft Culture

    This Salon will include three of the top five craft brewing companies (by volume) in San Diego who have pioneered and redefined West Coast IPAs. Come hear the history of San Diego’s craft culture and taste some of the aggressively hopped IPAs the city is known for. Taste Off: Wild, Wild Yeast

    Who will win the audience’s vote for favorite pairing? Join Julia Herz, publisher of, as she moderates this year’s taste off. This Salon—hosted 10 times in the past—is a perennial audience favorite. The format: One succulent food item will be presented and each panelist will be tasked with pairing it with a beer featuring wild yeast. Attendees will decide who did the best job and crown this year’s taste off champion. The wrinkle: our audience judges will not know the brands of the beers being sampled until after the votes are in!

    Dessert From the Barrel

    Cigar City Brewing Company and Hardywood Park Craft Brewery team up to offer culinary-inspired beers with a dessert theme. The breweries will share, compare and contrast these desserts in a bottle and discuss how each brewery conducts its barrel aging program.

    Pushing the Boundary with Barrel Aged Beers

    An introduction and intimate glimpse into the world of barrel-aged beers and the various styles that are pushing today’s boundaries. Boulder, Colorado’s FATE Brewing Company will share stories about their barrel aging program and open special-release barrel-aged beers for attendees’ enjoyment.

    Master Pairing Craft beers & Artisanal Doughnuts

    Join Stone Brewing Co.’s Bill Sysak as he discusses his “master pairings” concepts and his belief that craft beer can pair with any food in the world, including doughnuts! Pastry chef Tiffany MacIsaac of GBD will join Bill and discuss her house-made doughnuts as they taste through four fun pairings of Stone Brewing Co. beers and delicious doughnuts.

    IPA Nation: How Breweries are Helping Beer Drinkers Navigate a Sea of IPAs

    IPAs remain one of the most popular styles of beer in the nation and the way they taste is often indicative of where the beer is produced. What are the characteristics of these beers and how do they compare to one another? How do the regions impact the way IPAs are brewed? Join John Mallet of Bell’s Brewery, Dan Kenary from Harpoon Brewery, Ron Lindenbusch of Lagunitas Brewing Company and Omar Ansari from Surly Brewing Company as they each pour their markedly different IPAs.

    Saisons: Running the Gamut

    Saisons are a style of farmhouse ale with historical roots in Belgium that was once on the verge of extinction. Their popularity in the U.S. has recently skyrocketed due to craft brewers embracing the style and putting their own twist on it. Join in a tasting of four distinctive saisons brewed by four different breweries who have brought their own artistry to the classic style.

    SAVOR Collaboration Beer

    This year’s SAVOR Collaboration Beer was brewed by Maryland’s Flying Dog Brewery and California’s Firestone Walker Brewing Company. In true East-meets-West fashion, the breweries crafted a small-batch porter with a rich malt bill balanced by a distinct blend of British and American hops. Then the breweries selected two distinct bourbon barrel-aged beers—a brown ale and a stout—and blended all three to make a truly one-of-a-kind offering for SAVOR. In this Salon, you will learn the intricacies of barrel-aging, hear about the blending process and sample the three distinct beers used to make this year’s collaboration beer.

    Hop Trials

    Schlafly Beer is actively engaged in trials of existing and new hop varieties.  They work with growers and dealers to evaluate both hops that are currently being marketed and some that are not even on the market yet.  In this Salon, Schlafly will feature the tasty results of four trials from their 2014 hop program.

    Beer & Wine Hybrids

    Some craft beers have been known to share similar characteristics with wine, but this Salon will blur the lines between what is beer and what is wine. Minnesota’s Lucid Brewing has released its Halucidation series, creating a hybrid between the two fermented beverages. Taste these one-of-a-kind beers and hear about the process behind creating them.

    The Glassware Impact with Left Hand & Dogfish Head

    Left Hand Brewing Company and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery are two breweries committed to constantly improving beer quality and the beer drinker’s experience. Respective founders Eric Wallace and Sam Calagione have been wondering what impact glassware is having on your beer. Could it be that the serving vessel for our favorite beverage has a significant impact on aroma, taste and the full sensory experience? Join in the conversation as they recall their experiences developing style-specific glassware and a comprehensive tasting with the resulting IPA and stout glasses.

    Celebrating 25 Years in the Craft Brewing World

    Join John McDonald, founder of Boulevard Brewing Company, and Doug Odell, founder of Odell Brewing, as they reminisce on the occasion of their breweries turning 25 this year. You’ll enjoy beer favorites from both, paired with small bites, while John and Doug talk about the early days, what motivated them during challenging times, and the climb each brewery took as they flourished into craft brewing icons.

    Cold Fusion: The Creative Process of Collaborative Craft Brewing

    As collaborative brewing has become a hallmark of the modern craft brewing movement, we see many fun group photos of brewers on social media, but the public has been afforded very few windows into the actual collaborative creative process. This Salon opens that window, exploring and mapping the complex creative collaboration between New Belgium Brewing Company, Bluejacket and Brooklyn Brewery as they set out to craft three distinctive, singular beers to be debuted at SAVOR 2014.

    The Art of Pairing Craft Beer and Jerky

    In this unique Salon presentation, Duke’s Small Batch Smoked Meats teams up with Devils Backbone Brewing Company and FATE Brewing Company to show attendees that smoked meats and jerky make for a quick, easy, versatile and most importantly, tasty partner for craft beer. Four beers will be perfectly paired with smoked meats and jerky from small batch producer Duke’s.

    Revolution Brewing: The Best of Barrel-Aged

    Chicago’s Revolution Brewing has only been around for four years, but they’ve had a productive barrel aging program since day one. Come taste barrel-aged highlights from their first four years of brewing. Attendees will sample Deth’s Tar imperial stout, Mean Gene and Bean Gene porters, and 3rd Year Beer wheat barley wine.

    Best of Bourbon Country

    In this Salon, two breweries from deep in bourbon country discuss aging beer in Kentucky bourbon barrels. Alltech Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company and Country Boy Brewing team up to pour two barrel-aged selections each. The breweries will host a discussion on different types of barrel aging and the tasting notes that come from bourbon barrels.

    You can also listen to the salons from previous years:

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